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Our Concept

Our work will be based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and will work with its five themes in mind. Our overall educational aim therefore is to:


Each child is encouraged to express its own needs, wishes, interests and to contribute its own abilities. Our main focus in our educational work is the personal development and ability to make social contact with each child.

At KISH Nursery each child is seen and accepted as an individual and we pay tribute to its needs and development level. In the daily routine, in free play and in specifically planned activities, the children’s way of life, their individualism and their development have absolute priority. We encourage children to gain own experiences, to expand their horizons and to develop abilities and skills. We are here to help them on their way to understanding their world and to help them in finding their place in the environment.
With increasing age the children gain independence and maintain warm relationships with peers and practitioners alike.
With an emphasis on continuous development we work with the children to encourage their linguistics, physical and mental abilities.

We stimulate this by:


Playful learning and routine:

Play is the main activity of our children so to speak their “work”. For each child this is an important way of examining its environment. At KISH we emphasize on the importance of a harmonious relationship between indoor and outdoor play to cover all areas of learning in a stimulating environment.
We believe regular routine is of great importance. The children should have the chance to play freely, to move around, be loud sometimes but also have a retreat, a rest as well as joint activities. When new children join the group we often observe how our routine gives them a sense of orientation, well-being and security. Rules and routine are very important for children especially with respect to others.

Positive relationships with the natural world:

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child recognizes the right of children to live and play in an environment that stimulates their healthy development. The natural environment stimulates the children’s development in every possible way. Research shows that children are drawn to the natural environment and the importance on their development. We therefore see nature as an essential environment for children’s overall development.
Our goal is to encourage the development of environmental ethics.
It is important for each individual to take part in taking care of the environment and make positive interactions with the natural world.